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Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di Sviluppo Rurale per il Veneto 2007 – 2013 Organismo responsabile dell’informazione: Consorzio per la Tutela dell’Asparago Bianco di Bassano D.O.P. Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto – Direzione Piani e Programmi del Settore Primario

Asparago Bianco di Bassano DOP: look for the green logo

You’ll recognize Asparago Bianco di Bassano DOP [protected designation of origin Bassano white asparagus] because of its fresh appearance and scent, and white hue. This type of asparagus is 18-22 centimetres long with a minimum 11mm diameter and the spears are straight, well formed, whole with closed tips, tender and not stringy. Production specifications also allow for the presence of several cross clefts in the spears as an element that enhances and identifies Bassano asparagus, whose main quality is that it is not particularly fibrous. Asparago Bianco di Bassano DOP has a typically bitter-sweet taste that is unlike any other asparagus. The Bassano product is usually sold in standard 1.0kg or 1.5kg bundles (although specifications state that bundles may weigh 0.5kg-4kg), tied with a willow shoot called a “stroppa”. A green logo, depicting a stylized bundle of white asparagus and Palladio’s Bassano bridge, is attached to the stroppa, and numbered to identify the producer, the harvest date and the packing date. The “DOP” lettering is clearly shown above the asparagus tips and the official European protected designation of origin certification label can be found above it. The production chain is supervised by the Consorzio per la Tutela dell'Asparago Bianco di Bassano del Grappa DOP, a consortium that meticulously applies protected designation of origin specifications recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies and approved by the European Economic Community in September 2007.

Unique brand.